Am I High? (aka How I Came to Discover the Mystical Sensation “ASMR”)

Earlier this week, I was driving home from work, letting my mind wander and reflect.  You know the feeling: you’re not really entirely present (scary while driving), but your mind is working.

As I got on the 405, Pandora started playing It’s Been Awhile by Staind. It’s something I’ve heard before (don’t make fun of me) — but it’s been years.

Suddenly, something odd happened.

At minute 2:18 (I’ve inserted the video below for reference), I felt an angelic injection of something golden in the back of my head.

It started like a tingle — and then exploded in warmth that spread to my ears (maybe a little more on the right side), then down to my shoulders, back, and torso. It evaporated somewhere around my toes, and was gone in 2-3 seconds.  What on earth?

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I’m Thankful For Music

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US.  We often think about things we’re thankful for around this time of year.  For us, this year has brought so many things … including the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Abigail.  More on her in a later post.

As we woke up slowly and lazily yesterday morning, I thought about how much music has impacted me.  It was such a big part of my life as a child.  It gave me a deep sense of what it means to work hard for something you love.

A few years ago my wife had the foresight to transfer an old VHS tape to DVD.  It contains a recording of me playing the first movement of Grieg’s Piano Concerto.  As we were cleaning out the garage this week, we found the DVD.  Here it is on Youtube.  I’m thankful for music.

What about you?  What are you thankful for?

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