Something No One Ever Tells You About Getting Engaged

Getting engaged can be awkward!

Getting engaged can be awkward!

Yesterday, a good friend of ours got engaged to a great guy. In the evening, a group of us gathered to celebrate, and listen while they recounted the details of how it went down.  People love a great engagement story, and theirs certainly had some awesome highlights.

One thing the guy shared that stuck in my mind is that no one ever tells you how amazingly awkward it is to ask someone to marry you.

In movies and on TV shows, incredibly romantic music plays, birds sing and dance, and all sorts of other warm-and-fuzzy stuff happens.

But in real life, things can be downright awkward. It can feel odd living out something that usually only happens once in a life-time.

Are you with me, guys?  (And by that, I mean the dudes reading this … ladies, you probably have a different perspective on this.)

In a few days, Sarah and I will be celebrating the anniversary of our first date and engagement (12/31) [yes, I picked a day that’s easy to remember — but it has special significance so lay off!].  Both days were wonderful and unique in their own way.  Hooray for life’s odd combination of awkwardness and awesomeness!

What do you think?  Are certain life moments incredibly awkward?  What are some of the most awkward moments you’ve had?


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3 Responses to Something No One Ever Tells You About Getting Engaged

  1. Marion says:

    What an interesting thought! I think that on some level, you both know that this person is the one that is right for you, that you want to spend you life with. But then, one of you needs to ask, to say it out loud. And the other needs to say yes. It’s that question that offers up a moment of wonder. That moment is awkward, but that moment is everything.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Best of everything for the new year!

    • Hi Marion!

      Yes, I think you’ve described an aspect I didn’t detail. My wife mentioned this as well: the girl probably knows that it is about to happen (once things start rolling), and the guy knows what he’s supposed to do 🙂 As you say, then someone has to verbalize it!

      I’m glad ours was (secretly) photographed because it happened so quickly — it is nice to have some way to remind oneself of what it was like.

      Thanks for the holiday wishes, and thanks for leaving your thoughts!

      Take care,


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