[Personal] 7 Years Ago Tonight at the Gypsy Den …

** Warning: Skip this post if you don’t like sappy stuff  **

Today is a special day in the Rosendahl household: It’s the anniversary of our first date, and the night we got engaged.  Here is a wonderful description of that day 7 years ago, courtesy of my wife and her blog.  Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve is a very special day to me.

It is the day that my husband and I celebrate our first date and the day he proposed (same day but different years). We met in our Life Group (bible study) at Rock Harbor Church in the fall of 2005. A friend of mine and I decided to join a group together so we signed up online and that first night we met in a small upstairs apartment in downtown Huntington Beach. As my friend and I walked out of the bible study she asked me if I thought any of the guys were cute (we had such sincere motives) and I said, “Hmm…that Dave guy is pretty cute but he is way too intimidating. We will probably never even talk.” And she responded with, “Dave and Sarah sitting in a tree…” Wow! It’s crazy to look back at the beginning of God’s plan to bring us together.

Over the next few months Dave and I had few interactions. At our Thanksgiving life group dinner we sat next to each other and he pretty much insulted me but I was too nervous to even realize it until we talked about it months later. He apologized.

Then at the beginning of December our pastor preached about helping others in need and challenged us to take action. He said to pray about ways to help others and when you see a need to actually ask if you could help/provide for that need. At the very next bible study I was mentioning to the group how this was my first year teaching and it had been really hard and that I was going to have 180 tests to grade over the break. Wow! I got two offers to help grade and one of them was from Dave.

We made plans to meet at a coffee shop in Huntington Beach but I also arranged for my best friend to show up halfway through incase he ended up being creepy. Dave helped me grade a ton of papers and he definitely got my attention. Later that week he told me that he had a good time and would like to see me again. So we planned on the following Saturday which happened to be New Year’s Eve. We decided to meet at the Gypsy Den at 5p.

As I was driving over I got really nervous. I called the same friend that joined the life group with me and told her that I was going to call him and tell him that I wasn’t feeling well and cancel. (That was when it wasn’t illegal to talk on the phone while driving). She responded, “Sarah, it’s not like you’re gonna marry the guy. You are just having coffee.” After talking with her I felt better and decided to go.

Well, we met there and each ordered a coffee and shared an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. We talked and laughed. It was the first time that I felt like a guy who was interested in me was really and sincerely listening to my words and validating my feelings and opinions.

Afterwards, we went to Long Beach for a New Year’s party and then to the Fair Grounds to see the “Orange” drop. We both had a really good time. When he dropped me off at my car I didn’t know what to expect as we said good night. Hugging in cars is so super awkward for me that I try to avoid it at all costs. In my mind I saw him getting out of the car and coming to my side to give me a hug but I got so nervous that before he even had time to put the car in park I turned to him and said something like, “I-had-a-great-time. Thanks! Bye! Drive safely!” And I jumped out and got in my car.

Months later he told me that he’d been confused by that response so he was glad that I showed my interest in other ways.

So that’s the story of our first date. I hope that you enjoyed it! Exactly 4 years later we went on our annual Gypsy Den date and then he took me on a blindfolded car ride to Corona Del Mar Beach where he proposed. We then headed back to my place where my best friend had arranged a surprise engagement party. It was an amazing night. We continue to celebrate that night by going back to the Gypsy Den and ordering the same thing as that first night.

Tonight we’ll be taking Abby for the first time!

Here are some pics from tonight’s visit.  Hover over each for more, or click to see in slide show format.  Enjoy!

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