[Video] Costa Mesa Homeless: My Time With Dave (Part 5)

Dave & Dave!

Dave & Dave!

Earlier today, I met Dave for lunch at Panera, in the same shopping center as the Target we first met.

I brought paperwork from the OC Rescue Mission, including a Program Agreement, Application, and Policies Handbook.  He’ll review them over the next few days in preparation for his interview.

Since I took a tour of the location earlier in the week, I also showed him pictures (you can see them here), which he was excited to see. His mental image was much different than what I showed him; he’s pumped!

Last time we spoke, we made plans for him to read the posts I’ve written on this blog, and I wanted him to see your encouraging comments.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous of what he might think as he read the posts, especially because of the pictures.  As we sat eating our sandwiches, I told him that I feel he’s great about sharing his feelings, and that I wanted to follow suit by telling him that I feel a little vulnerable sharing the stories with him — but he responded positively, and was extremely encouraging.

In fact, part way through the first post, he was emotional and teared up.  It was touching.

He said that up until lately, he has felt very alone, as if there was no one on his side.

Actually, what he said is that there was no one on his “team”.

But because of your support, he now has a “Team Dave” that’s rooting for him, meeting some of his basic needs, and giving him the motivation he needs to take steps forward. Team Dave is giving him support.  He said he could feel your support as he waited at the DMV and social security office.

As he read the posts, I asked him what he was thinking, and if his memory of the events is different. It was fascinating to hear what he was thinking during some of the situations (especially our first meeting…he saw me watching him!).

He’d like to share his thoughts with you on this blog, so he’s going to write them down, and I’ll post his words as soon as I get them.

In addition, he wished to express his thanks to everyone who has supported him. He dictated a short letter, which I’m including here:

Dear Team Dave,

I want to express that I’m very grateful for all of your prayers and support. Because of these, I believe my life is turning a corner, in a positive direction.

I’m amazed; thank you very much!


Also, we shot a short video, which was unfortunately a bit shorter than I had hoped, since I ran out of space (too many Abby videos!).  He said he was nervous while filming, but he did a great job.  I think we may do this again and try to capture more of his story on video.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

So for the first time, I present Dave live and in person to his friends in Team Dave.  Leave him your thoughts in the comments; he loved reading your last few notes!

How You Can Help

Many of you have asked how you can be a part of writing Dave’s new life story, and here are a few things you can do:

  • Share this story.  Send it to your friends, post it to Facebook, send links via email.
  • Leave Dave a comment on this blog.  Tell him where you’re from, and how you heard about his story.  I’m now sharing all your comments and encouragement with him.  He truly loves reading them!
  • Please continue to pray – not only for Dave, but also for me to discern what to do with the energy and momentum these stories have created.  Where is it leading?
  • If you have physical donations, I can arrange to pick them up.  If you have questions about what Dave needs, leave those in the comments.

Dave’s life is being changed by people he doesn’t even know, from across the globe.  Will you join in making a difference in his life?  Every amount counts, no matter how small.  Donate here.

About David Rosendahl
Husband, father of 4, co-founder of MindFireInc, two-time Inc500 software company. I love building things and helping you generate more leads and grow sales predictably.

15 Responses to [Video] Costa Mesa Homeless: My Time With Dave (Part 5)

  1. Kristy Bleau says:

    That was awesome! Can’t wait to see more! He looks so much more positive and self confident then when we met. So amazing to see God at work in his life!!!!!

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  3. Elizabeth says:

    Way to go, Dave! (& Dave!)

  4. Renee says:

    Oh I can’t wait to hear more from our friend Dave! Please know that what we give, we do not give with pity or condescention – we give from our hearts knowing that whatever we do for another, we do in the glory of God! So many people truly understand that a small twist in the paths of our lives could cause us to face the same needs. Our support to you is praise for His kindness to us and our acknowledgement that we too are vulnerable to hardships beyond our imagination and have an obligation to serve our brothers. You are loved! Go Team Dave!

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  6. David Gurrola says:


    I think the video idea is great! Although we have been able to talk and pray with Dave at church, I feel like this is the first time over the blog that we actually get to hear from Dave and I get excited just hearing and talking to him directly. Seeing how we haven’t been able to do that as much as you, I think doing more videos would be great! Let Dave know that he did great it this one as well! I have had some great conversations with him and let him know that he is a great speaker and I’m sure more people would love the opportunity to hear from him directly as well!

    • Hey Dave, I agree! He did a great job and I think he should do more. Need to find someone with better recording equipment so we can do an interview or something 🙂 He seems a LOT better, and his spirits are significantly improved. He has hope that tomorrow will be better. Thanks for all your encouragement, it means a great deal to him!

  7. Joseph Manos says:

    Great work Dave I enjoyed seeing Dave on camera. Does he like to read? Have you considered a couple of books for him. maybe a fun one to pass the time and maybe a building new skills book to prepare him for whatever lies ahead from a work standpoint.

    I wouldn’t push it on him but maybe as a suggestion if he is interested.

    • Hey Joe! Actually yes, he loves to read. He reads pretty quickly too. What books do you suggest? If you can think of a few titles that would be helpful, leave a note here and I’ll show him next time we’re together. Thank you!

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  10. Kristi Olzeske says:

    Did Dave get to see his kids last week? Did I miss that in the update?

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