Rosendahl Family 2012 Highlights

Sarah wrote a wonderful year-end summary, highlighting a number of 2012’s memorable events.  What a year it has been!  Here is her summary along with some inline comments from me [like this].   Leave us your thoughts in the comments.  Much love!  

2012 in Review

Dear friends and family,

We hope that you are enjoying this Christmas season and making extra time to spend with friends and family. As we inch closer to January, we have been reflecting on this past year and just how much our lives have changed as well as seeing how faithful and merciful our God is. His love is so evident in the hard times as well as the celebrations. These are our reflections:

  • Last December: We bought and moved into our first home…2 days before Christmas…the heater was fixed 1 week later. [We purchased a duplex as a long-term investment.  We’re hoping this proves to be a good long-term move for our family.  I’m grateful my wife was in agreement with the strategy — yah! — but I’ve come to realize the limits of my ability as Mr. Fixit.]
  • January-April: We worked on getting our home organized, cleaned and decorated. We also focused on getting ready for the arrival of our sweet baby girl, Abigail.  Her due date (4/28) came and went and we were still waiting… [This was an amazing time in our life!  It was exciting, scary, and exhilarating all at the same time! We did mental imagery to prepare for the event, and studied the birthing process so we would be knowledgeable.  In retrospect, it seems like the time flew by.]
  • Mommy & Abby

    Mommy & Abby!  Happy birthday baby girl!

    May 10th: After a quick labor (9 hours) we welcomed Abigail Charlotte into this world via homebirth. With the help of our midwives and doula, Dave coached Sarah through the hardest and most rewarding moment of our lives. He even got to deliver her out and place her on Sarah’s stomach. That experience was such an amazing gift to us both. She was 12 days past her due date and weighed 9 lbs and measured 22 ¼ inches long! Dave was able to stay off of work for a month. We used that time to get to know our little girl and get accustomed to being parents. (That first month was crazy hard!) [Sarah is AMAZING!  If you’ve seen your wife give birth, you know how amazing the process is.  If you’ve seen your wife give birth naturally, you know how weak us dudes really are!  There’s no way I could do it.  Sarah did an awesome job and was focused during the labor.  Abby worked well with mommy and it was an incredible experience!]

  • June-August: We kept things pretty low-key with visits from friends and family and some of Abby’s “first” moments. She went swimming for the first time, slept through the night for the first time, saw her first fireworks, got her first cold, smiled for the first time and in general had a great first summer. [Adding the role of father into the mix has been amazing; what a gift Abby has been to us and our family. Speaking of sleep: this was one of my biggest fears (that is, the lack of sleep).  However, Abby has been a blessing and sleeps 10-12 hours most nights.  We know this is atypical.  We’re screwed on the next one, right?]
  • John Rosendahl, UCI

    John David Rosendahl

    September: Dave’s uncle, John Rosendahl, passed away. He was a physics professor at UCI. His passion for learning and teaching inspired many others. Over the course of his 25-year career he created hundreds of physics demonstrations that are used at UCI to demonstrate different physics concepts. He would also perform them at local junior highs and elementary schools in order to excite kids about physics. One of his more popular demonstrations consisted of him lying between two beds of nails, shirtless, while his colleague would smash a brick on his stomach to demonstrate the physics in a collision. (Google John Rosendahl bed of nails). He was also well known in the rock-climbing world, never owned a cell phone, rode his bike to work and the gym daily, and was a faithful husband and a good father.  He even set a record for running the John Muir Trail in 1988 completely unassisted. He covered a distance of 220.1 miles in 127 hrs, 50 mins.  He leaves behind a legacy of friends/family that will miss him profoundly. [This has been extremely hard on us, and our family members are all grieving in their own ways.  Please continue to pray for us, including my mom (John’s sister), John’s wife, their son, and my grandma (John’s mom).  There is a large community of friends and family that are impacted, many of whom I don’t personally know.  Your prayers are needed and appreciated, especially during the holiday period and into the new year.]

  • End of September: Owen Arthur Cowper, our nephew was born. At 2 days old he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and was transported to Los Angeles to have surgery. His birth and subsequent health problem brought so many people together in prayer for him. The surgery was successful and he is doing much better now although he will continue to be monitored. [Being an uncle is awesome.  I get to cuddle the little guy, and then when he cries, hand him back to mom or dad!  Score!]
  • November: Abby learned to roll over by herself and she had her first official taste of solid foods. [She did this Election Night.  Right around the time Obama was re-elected.  Coincidence?]
  • December: We are celebrating Abby’s first Christmas and working on things around the house. [It has been a little stressful but we are trying hard to hold on to the joy, wonderment, and excitement of this season.  Having Abby in our life has been the most wonderful gift we could ever imagine!]

2012 has been a full year.  We are so grateful for the experiences that God has blessed us with. We know that He has been with us through each moment and we take much comfort in knowing that he went before us in every day and every minute of this past year. We pray that you enjoy this Christmas season and take time to remember the hope that the birth of baby Jesus brings to this world.

With much love,

Dave, Sarah, and Abby-doodle [John, my uncle, used to add the suffix “doodle” to our names, and even before he died, I started doing it to Abby.  Now it reminds me of him every time I call her in that way …]

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