Costa Mesa Blogger Aids the Homeless

Costa Mesa Homeless

Costa Mesa Homeless

Many of you remember Dave, a homeless friend I met last year in front of Target in Costa Mesa (my hometown).  You can read stories about our time together here.  Last year, our story was picked up by a local paper (as you can see in the snapshot to the right) and repeated here to make it easier to read:

When one Costa Mesa man takes his simple goal – to get to know some homeless people – and tells the world about it through a blog, interesting things can happen.

Dave Rosendahl blogs about meeting homeless people. Since he started in January, people from around the world have visited the site,, and donated more than $1,400 to his cause.

“My heart breaks for the homeless,” writes Rosendahl, 34. “I feel that the margin between my comfort (and the perceived security it provides) – and life on the streets – is razor-thin.”

One homeless man, also named Dave, has starred in at least six blog posts. Rosendahl takes readers from the point they met in a Harbor Boulevard parking lot, to the Orange County Rescue Mission, where “homeless Dave” intends to apply for residence. Rosendahl used reader funds one night to buy him a hotel room.

“I’m not suggesting that handouts are the answer,” Rosendahl writes. “I believe a better answer is probably figuring out a way to equip them to help themselves.”
– Mike Reicher (from

I sometimes wish I could focus on issues like those faced by our homeless friends full-time.  Knowing Dave has been a huge blessing!

What about you?  If you could do anything to help other people (and not have to worry about an income), what would it be?

About David Rosendahl
Husband, father of 4, co-founder of MindFireInc, two-time Inc500 software company. I love building things and helping you generate more leads and grow sales predictably.

2 Responses to Costa Mesa Blogger Aids the Homeless

  1. Great blog. Would love to talk about software and faith over lunch or coffee. Are you local to Costa Mesa?

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